In the past, I have challenged you, refined you, strengthened you and positioned you. There has been many personal battles in the past year that built spiritual strength and faith. Some of those battles you have seen victory and others the victory is on the way in 16. This is the year that I have already positioned those with a Warrior Heart to stand firm and battle evil in neighborhoods, cities and nations. Praise will conquer the personal battles this year but the global battle will take warring and fasting. I am delivering to My warriors’ new weapons that will need My strategies on how to use them. They are not your typical weapons and thus have not been used for warfare in this century. When I show you the Weapon it may seem it is not from me because it does not make sense. But—it is of Me. The weapons are corporate weapons and will be used in corporate meetings that have been set aside for War. During the battle there will be supernatural victories that cannot be explain by man. Just as the sun and moon stood still (Josh. 10:13) so will the world see Me in the supernatural victories. In the victories thousands will come to know My authority, My love, and My distain toward evil. Be encouraged because I am delivering a supernatural energy that weariness and discouragement will not overcome those with the Warrior Heart. When battles are won celebrate and hold victory parties because in celebration I renew strength and purpose to my people. Apostle Sandy Burkett, Ph.D.