Prophetic Workshops

  • Each workshop is designed to strengthen your understanding of three of the Nine-Gifts of the Spirit.  With each teaching there will be classroom activations. 
  • Those that have taken the Ministering Spiritual Gifts will find the workshops as a refresher and an opportunity to practice.

Healing In-Utero Trauma

  • Designed to help you understand the dynamics of trauma experienced in the womb.
  • There will also be a time for participants to receive healing prayer.
Free 2B Me
  • Designed bring healing to those stifled in their spiritual walk.  Some of the topics are:
  • Problem Ownership
  • Breaking Family Patterns
  • Generational Curses
  • Breaking Self-Inflicted Curses
  • Freedom from Sexual Sins
  • Freedom From Darkness
  • Understanding the Process of Forgiveness
  • Absence of the Father and Mother’s Love
Ministering Spiritual Gifts
  • Have you ever wanted to hear God’s voice more clearly? Have you ever thought to yourself “is this me or is this God? Then Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG) is training that is designed to “advance God’s people out of the realm of theory and bring them into the living reality of God’s supernatural graces.”
  • This seminar is designed so that each teaching is followed by a time of “spiritual activation” where each student has an opportunity to practice what they have just been taught. This seminar has been designed to create a “safe place” in an atmosphere of God’s trust, peace, and joy so that the saints can grow in the grace of God’s gifts to the church.
Balanced Deliverance
  • Friday night and Saturday conference to bring a balance understanding of Is. 61 when God says to heal the broken hearted and set the captive free.  Some of topics include: 
  • When is the Armour of God Ineffective
  • Is It a Demon or a Brain Disorder; Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to Bring Freedom
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Deliverance
  • Corporate Protocol
Pursuing Intimacy with God
  • How Intimacy Affects Worship
  • What Block Intimacy
  • When Choiceless Becomes Choice
  • How to Soak in the Fathers Love
Releasing the Saints
  • Who Are the Saints
  • Gideon and the Saints Movement
  • How to Walk Into the Anointing
Transference of Pain
  • Identifying the Family Pattern of Transference
  • How Transference Affects Marriages, Families, Churches and Employment
  • Breaking Free From Life Patterns of Transference
Healing the Soul
  • Blocked Emotions
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Steps to Forgiveness
  • Transference of Pain
  • Emptiness of the Father’s Love
  • Joy
Warfare Insights
  • Understanding Territorial Spirits
  • Breaking Free from the Babylon Spirit
  • Armor of God
  • Power of the Blood
  • Assumption vs. Promise
  • Identification of Demonic Strongholds
The Omega Generation of Joy
  • This is the title of the book Dr. Sandy is writing.  The conference is based on her research for her Ph.D., Restoring Joy In Victims of Childhood Trauma.