Gen. 4:6-16
God confronted Cain concerning the death of Abel with a question: “Where is Abel your brother?”  Cain answered God with a question instead of confessing the truth: “How should I know? Am I his babysitter?” (Message)  Have you ever experienced a “Cain moment” and refused to answer God’s question concerning your sin?  Perhaps like Cain you  challenged God with a question of your own in order to  deny the responsibility of sin.  Cain’s refusal to admit the truth took him to No-Man’s-Land, a place without the presence of God.
If you are struggling and wonder where God is in your life ask yourself:  “Have I left God’s presence and chose to live in No-Man’s-Land?”  How do you go home? Take time to confess and repent of denied sin and God will give you a free ticket home.